Can You Pass The “Build Your Own Spice Rack” Challenge?

Spices can turn a really bland dish into something amazing and spice racks can do the same thing with the décor in the kitchen. You can use these accessories to add color and charm to the room and you can even turn them into decorations. In order to have more control on the décor and all the little details it would be nice to build your own spice rack. It’s easier than you think but can you do it? We’ve gathered a few inspiring tutorials which you could use but you can just as well create something totally unique.

Reclaimed wood pallet wood turned into a spice rack

The wooden spice rack featured on di-wineanddine is perfect if you have a large collection of spice containers. As you can see, it has a simple design and is made of wood so all you need is either a few pieces of wood or something you can repurpose such as a pallet. Sand the boards and secure them with screws to make a three-level structure.


Another cool and easy-to-make spice rack design can be found on sawdust2stitches. To make one just like it you’ll need some wood boards, primer, paint, nails and screw-in hooks. The spices can be kept in tiny jars. Cut the boards and arrange four of them together to make a rectangular frame. Then add three shelves inside and the back piece. Sand, prime and paint it.

Spice rack on a drawer door

A really practical idea is to store and organize your spices on shelves attached to the inside of a cabinet door. This way you’ll save space which is just what you need in a small kitchen. Find out how to build such a thing from the tutorial described on jennaburger. You need to customize it all according to the dimensions of your cabinet door and the spice containers you want to place there. You can line the inside of the cabinet door with paper or paint it.

Spice rack on kitchen cupboard

Another way to save space is described on whitetulipdesigns where you’ll find an idea for a spice rack attached to the side of a wall-mounted kitchen cabinet. As you can see, this system is designed to hold large jars and bottles so you can also use the shelves for something other than spices. For example, this can be the place where you keep your olive oil, sugar, salt and all the other basic things.

Test tubes spice rack

If you prefer smaller spice containers, it would be interesting to use test tubes for that. In fact, you can even create a custom spice rack for your test tube spices. The idea comes from instructables. To build this you’ll need a plywood bamboo strip, glass test tubes, cork stoppers for the tubes, rubber rings, screw hooks, mini L brackets and hanging hardware.

spice rack from test tubes with copper

Test tube spices can also be kept in a rack like the one on refreshliving. To build a rack like this one you’ll need wood boards and a drill with which to make the holes for the test tubes. you’ll also need dowels or a metal pipe piece to connect the two wood blocks with. You can use labels on each test tube so you can easily identify the spice you need.

Concrete triangle spice rack

To create a stylish geometric spice rack similar to the one on instructables you’re going to use concrete. First you need to make a mold and for that you can use toilet paper rolls and cardboard. Build a triangular mold and then arrange cylinders inside. Fill the mold with concrete mix and let it dry. Then rotate and remove the containers and remove the cardboard mold. Sand it and paint it.

magnetic spice rack

Magnetic spice racks are very practical and if you want you can even make one yourself at home. You can use a pizza or cookie sheet and you can spray paint it to give it a fresh look. you’ll have to attach it to a wall or cabinet and then put magnets on your spice containers so you can easily stick them on.

Lazy susan spice rack

If you don’t really feel like building a whole spice rack from scratch, a simpler option would be to just give your old spice rack a makeover. You can start by cleaning it and then applying a few coats of paint. Change its color completely or just refresh its original look. If you want, sand the edges lighty to give it a distressed, antique look. {found on craftsbyamanda}