DIY plant wrappers for May Day

Another great gift for May Day would be a nice plant. We have the perfect project for you. It will teach you how to make a lovely wrapper for your planter. You can use a template and trace it onto any kind of wrapping paper. You can use a standard 3.5 x 3.5’’ plastic plant container that will fit perfectly. Here are the steps you need to take for this project.

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First, download and print the stencil you have chosen onto card stock paper. Then cut out around the edges and slice the interior lines with a craft knife. Next, trace the shape on the back of the wrapping paper. You can choose any type and pattern you want for the paper. It can be something simple or something in tone with the weather outside. Next, flip the stencil and trace again. Cut the shape out around the edges and slice along the interior lines.

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Then fold in the flaps and carefully weave through the slits. If the slits are too small, simply use the craft knife to make them bigger. Repeat the process for the other side as well. Now slide the planter into the paper form and trim around the top. If the paper flips out on the corners you can use some tape to secure it down. Now the wrapper is done. You can also use decorative flags or other small decorations and your May Day gift is done.The full project can be found on camillestyles.