DIY Painted Flower Pots

It is the beginning of September when a new school year is almost knocking at the doors. Kids must prepare themselves to come back school with new and fresh forces. The beginning is always the hardest, sometimes for teachers too. Everybody tries to accommodate with the new situations, the new colleagues, desk mates or even the new classrooms. Then everything becomes easier the moment everybody knows what he needs to do and everything is in its place.

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The beginning of a new school year means a period of classroom management, when even pupils are asked to think of the arrangement of their classroom and the atmosphere that must exist during their classes. Usually they are asked to come with some flowers pots, all sorts of decorative items or even ingenious ideas for decorating their classroom. Thus the next DIY project comes in time for the beginning of this new school year. It refers to some lovely DIY Painted Flower Pots.

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If you are already interested in it then you can prepare your materials: small terracotta pots, some white spay paint, a foam brush and some acrylic or latex paint. For the acrylic or the latex paint you may choose your favorite nuance like for the type of flowers you want to pot too. The moment you finish painting the terracotta pots and they are dried you may think of hanging them wherever you like. Perhaps you may do a nice school project for your pupils at school too, using this DIY project and create the sweetest classroom in the whole school!{found on lovelyindeed}.