5 DIY Chandelier Designs and Makeovers For The Outdoor Spaces

A chandelier is one of those things that can completely change the décor and the ambiance in a room. At the same time, chandeliers are very versatile. For example, they can amazing both indoor and outdoor, even though the second option is a bit more outside the box. Outdoor chandeliers can take a lot of interesting forms. For example:

Country outdoor chandelierView in gallery

If you want something rustic and perhaps also with a little bit of industrial flair, check out the design proposed on consumercrafts. It’s a chandelier made using chicken wire, twig vine garland, sisal vine, crystals, chain and candles as well as a large tomato cage. The project is quite simple and leaves plenty of room for imagination and customization.{found on consumercrafts}.

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Another beautiful design is offered on Allthingsheartandhome. The chandelier described here can be made using large and medium grapevine balls, white string lights, garden twine, a birch branch and burlap ribbon. This list of supplies can be your source of inspiration for the project you’ll be creating yourself.

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Using candles instead of light bulbs is a really great idea in this case. It allows you to hang the chandelier just about anywhere you want outdoors, even in the garden since you don’t need electricity to power it up. So take an old chandelier, repaint it, remove the wires and sockets and put tea lights instead. {found on tinysidekick}

Turquoise chandelier with some plantsView in gallery

An outdoor chandelier can also be a decorative piece, not necessarily a source of light. For example, the project featured on whiletheysnooze shows how a chandelier can be repurposed and used as a decorative element embellished with plants and flowers. Basically, instead of light bulbs there are small planters.{found on whiletheysnooze}.

Giant confetti chandelierView in gallery

Another example of a decorative chandelier which you can actually craft from scratch can be found on theflairexchange. The supplies needed for this project include square dowels of two different sizes, super fine twine and heavy twine as well as paint samples or colored paper rounds.{found on theflairexchange}.