DIY mirrors – chic accessories in any home

Besides artwork, mirrors are the most common decorations used in any home. They are so popular because they are both chic and functional. Every bathroom has a mirror but that’s not the only room where you can have one. You can make some really lovely mirrors which you can hang on the walls or display on the mantel and shelves.

Modern And Feminine Mirror.

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For example, you could make this very feminine and stylish mirror in just a few minutes. You’ll need a mirror, a paper dolly, frosted glass finish spray and double-sided tape. First clean the mirror and place double-sided tape on the backside of the dolly. Secure the dolly to the mirror, place it down on a flat surface and then apply frosted glass spray all over. Let it dry and gently remove the paper dolly.{found on papernstitchblog}.

Mirror tiles.

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You can create all sorts of beautiful accessories using mirrors. For example, for this one you’ll need beveled mirror tiles, particle board, bronze spray paint, a clear protective coat and a board for framing. Lay the mirrors out and then cut the plywood. Add support framing to the back and screw the pieces in. cut the hemlock board and make a frame around the outside. Spray paint everything and apply sealant. Glue the mirrors on and let them sit for 24 hours.{found on starterhometodreamhome}.

Revamp with painted twigs or driftwood.

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This is a very lovely mirror that’s also very easy to make. The materials you’ll need are assorted dry twigs or driftwood, garden snips, green spray paint, a hot glue gun and a mirror. Cut the twigs or driftwood into small pieces and apply several coats of paint. Then glue them to the mirror.{found on womansday}.

Classic framed.

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This framed mirror is quite beautiful as well. Here’s how you can make a similar one. You’ll need molding trim, paint, liquid nails, paintable caulking, a level and painter’s tape. Measure the mirror and paint the moldings. Attach it to the mirror. Use tape to keep each section in place. Then fill the edges with paintable caulking and then paint over it.{found on bluecricketdesign}.

Sun burst mirror.

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This mirror is a wonderful decoration which you can display in any room of the house. To make it you’ll need a round mirror, some wood, wooden dowels and some spray paint. You’ll have to make the sunburst design out of wood and then place the mirror on top. Spray paint the wood to give it a nice satin finish.{found on ablondesdiylife}.

Mosaic mirror.

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This is a mosaic mirror and it’s a very interesting piece. To make a similar one you’ll need a mirror, white acrylic paint, gold acrylic paint, a paint brush, masking tape and mirror mosaic in the color of your choice. Apply masking tape to the inside border of the mirror and paint a base coat in white.Then paint a gold coat. After that, start stitching the mosaic pieces.