How To Decorate With Mirrored Coffee Tables

Mirrored furniture is interesting for a variety of reasons. A mirrored coffee table, for example, can add glamor to the living room. Because it basically reflects the décor around it, it wouldn’t look out of place. In fact, it would blend in easily. This makes mirrored furniture in general very versatile.

How to build a mirrored coffee table

Since you can’t really find great and affordable mirrored coffee tables just about anywhere, we’ll start with an inspiring DIY project. The materials you’ll need for it include plywood or MDF, several wooden planks, silver paint, mirrored panels, wood blue and a large mirror. Cut the plywood into pieces after you’ve decide how you want the table to look and you wrote down the measurements. Then put them together to form a box. Paint it silver and then glue the mirror panels on the sides and the large mirror on top.

Mirrored coffee table for living room

Such a coffee table can fit nicely in a lot of different types of décor. For example this traditional living room has a theatrical look offered by the burgundy and velvet-upholstered sofa and armchair but also by the mirrored coffee table.

Chevorn carpet and mirrored coffee table for living room

Make the most of your mirrored coffee table and use it in combination with a patterned area rug. The table will reflect the colors and the pattern of the rug, creating an interesting display. You can also play with this strategy when you choose what to display on the table or when you decorate the ceiling.

Mustard living room accents

A neutral living room décor would work in your favor as well if you’re aiming at creating a simple, cohesive look throughout the space. The mirrored coffee table will fit in perfectly, reflecting the colors and patterns around it. This piece would work well in eclectic interiors.

Large living room with grey accents

What’s lovely about a mirrored coffee table is that it can blend in and stand out at the same time. This allows it to be very versatile and to always look as a natural part of the living room’s décor, regardless of the style chosen.

Reception living room design

Mirrored coffee tables come in a lot of different designs. The DIY project described at the beginning of the article is only one of the many options. Other types of coffee tables only feature a mirrored top while the base is a sleek and sculptural one.