DIY Miniature tabletop garden

If you can’t go living in the middle of nature, you can at least bring a small part of it into your home. A simple way of doing that is by creating a miniature garden. This one is very beautiful. It’s a miniature tabletop garden and in this article we’re going to show you how you can make one yourself.

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If you already have some miniature garden accessories in your home, now it’s time to use them. First of all you’ll need a crate. The type doesn’t really matter. It has to be durable and simple. In this case, the crate is made of wood. Then start adding plants and decorations. As you can see, this one is a quite elaborate project. It has pebbles, different types of plants and even a bird house. You can feel free to decorate your miniature garden in any way you want.

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Here you can see there are a lot of creeping plants and mosses around stepping stones. You can get the stones from a specialized store or you can search for them in nature. Then decide on what type of plants you want for your garden. They can be different but they still need to be part of a common category.

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For example, they all have to need approximately the same amount of water. After the plants are there and the stones as well, add some decorations. Use your imagination and come up with something original. Then take the crate with the miniature garden in it and place it on a table. It makes a very beautiful and fresh accessory. You can place in on the patio, at the entrance or even inside the house. Just make sure the plants have enough natural light.{found on theinspiredroom}.