How To Upcycle Mason Jars Into A Chandelier

We usually choose not to mess with the light fixtures so we go to a store to buy them and then have someone install them. But there’s also an alternative to this. We could make our own light fixtures and we’d only need minimal knowledge to do this. A chandelier, for example, can be made out of Mason jars. Curious how such a project would turn out? You can find out from the examples below.

Mason Jar Chandelier
Mason Jar Chandelier Light Open

If you like the look of Mason jar chandeliers but you’d rather skip the whole crafting process, you can buy a ready-made one and then simply install it in your home. This one comes with a long cord and chain and lets you place it anywhere in the room. Just use a hook to attach it to the ceiling.

Hanging Mason Jar Lighting Fixture

You can find quite a few interesting Mason jar chandeliers on etsy. This rustic design can suit a lot of different decors. It’s made with both clear and frosted jars and the combo is very charming. The design is simple and casual, perfect for spaces such as the kitchen, the dining room or even a covered deck or patio. Available on Etsy.

Ring Mason Jar Chandelier Lighting

Here’s another lovely chandelier which we also found on etsy. It’s made with a total of seven clear glass jars that form a cluster attached to a circular frame. It comes with all necessary hardware and is quite easy to attach to the ceiling. Another option is to use hooks to adjust its location in order to place it exactly where desired. Available for $225.

Outdoor mason jar lighting fixtures

A larger chandelier that would best suit rooms with high ceilings but that could also be used in a variety of other spaces is featured here and is made of reclaimed wood. The item is made to order and is not waterproof so using it outdoors is not advised. It features a rectangular wooden frame that measures approx. 5 ft by 3 ft. Available on Etsy.

Mason Jar chandelier for kitchen

Actually crafting the chandelier yourself wouldn’t be that complicated either. A great tutorial for the project can be found on charminngimperfections. The list of supplies includes Mason jars, pallet wood, LED lights, hinges and stain. Cut out a circle the same size as the socket in the lids of the jars. Then build the wooden box which will be attached to the ceiling.

Rope and mason jars create a perfect chandelier

To make things easier, you could use an existing wall fixture. Usually these are used in bathrooms. Build a support structure using a wooden board and some rope. Attach the wall fixture to its underside and use Mason jars as glass shades. It’s actually a pretty simple project for which you can find detailed instructions on remodelaholic.