Stylish Mail Baskets and Organizers For Welcoming Homes

Nowadays more and more people choose to unsubscribe from regular mail and receive everything in electronic format but this doesn’t necessarily eliminate all paper mail. In fact, you’ll likely still receive it from time to time. But regardless of the situation, it’s nice to have an organizer or a basket designed specifically for that. It lets you sort out your mail and avoid misplacing it. Would you like to have such a system in your home as well? Check out the following options and choose one.

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This chic mail basket is made using a hardwood dowel, a hardwood board, some thread, tacks and leather straps. You can use an old belt for this part. First you cut the board and the dowel to the desired dimensions. Then drill the holes and add the dowel. The final step is attaching the leather straps. You can find more details on designsponge.

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Another idea is to repurpose an old school wire rack for CDs and DVDs. All you have to do is spray paint it gold or any other color you like to rejuvenate it and give it a more modern look. Now you have a mail rack while you can also use as an organizer for holiday cards. We found this ingenious idea on designimprovised.

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Want something a bit more solid? Perhaps a mail organized made out of a wood log would be more to your liking. To make such an accessory you’re going to need a wood log wedge, some polyurethane and if you want to personalize it and make it look glamorous, some enamel gloss acrylic paint and gold leaf. Remove all the bark and wash the log. Mark and make some cuts with a miter saw. You can then sand the piece and paint it.{found on homemadebycarmona}.

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A mail organizer can be a lovely accessory for the entryway if you find the space too empty. You can fill it with a wall-mounted mail sorter similar to the one featured on build-basic. The materials required for the project include plywood, wood boards, wood screws, nails and wood glue. First you assemble the sides and bottom and then you add the box fronts. Secure them, add the trim and attach the boxes to the frame. You can also stain, paint and label the compartments.

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You can easily build a mail organizer out of some leftover wood or scrap boards from previous projects. Such a project is described on infarrantlycreative. In addition to the scrap pieces you’ll also need some stain, wood glue, hooks and hangers plus a drill and a nail gun. Measure and cut all the pieces so you can build the boxes according to the instructions. Glue the pieces together, stain the wood and add the hooks and hangers.

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If you want, you can make a mail organizer and a key holder and put the two functions together in a single piece. You’ll have to start with a wood frame. Once you’ve built it, add the mail slot planks and then drill holes for the key hooks or knobs. You can also label the slots for the mail. Either stain or paint the organizer. {found on featheringmynest}.

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The organizer featured on beyondthepicketfence is really practical and not just for mail. You can also use it to store and organize your paperwork. It would be a nice addition to your office. If the storage compartments look familiar that’s because they’re made out of old book covers. So if you like the idea, go find some old books and use their covers for the project. Add some labels to them, drill holes in each one and add fabric to the sides. Attach them to a board or directly to the wall.

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Recycling and repurposing is fun and easy, especially if you have a great idea that lets you make your home more enjoyable and practical. For example, you could turn an old window shutter into an organizer for mail. The transformation is really simple and you can find more details about it on samanthaelizabethblog. Basically you just have to paint the shutter if you want to change its look and then attach it to the wall.

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On the other hand, if you prefer something simpler and smaller, the project on oneartsymama would be a lovely option. The mail holder described here looks like a cute little box with a handle so you can carry it around. That’s actually exactly what it is: a plan wooden box. After you paint it and customize it, it’s ready to serve you as your new mail holder.

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There are plenty of other nice ideas that could inspire you. A DIY mail center can take many different forms. Regardless of the design you choose, always remember to customize it. This is an important step for all DIY projects. It lets you add your own touch to the design and make it your own so you can enjoy it even more. {found on hometalk}.

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You can also customize your mailbox in a lot of stylish ways. If you spray paint it gold it would look similar to the one on dreamgreendiy, you can be sure it will stand out. This is actually a vintage brass box and it has a pair of hooks that are perfect for holding magazines and other bulky things that don’t fit inside.