DIY kitchen island made from campaign chests

Some people enjoy crafting thing by themselves. It’s a very nice feeling you get when you realize you did something useful for your home. For those seeking a new DIY project, we have an idea. Here’s a beautiful kitchen island that was crafted from a pair of campaign chests.

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The island was created using a pair of campaign chests that were 31.5’’ tall and 30’’ wide. A big piece of smooth plywood was used to fit the back of the dressers. The back plywood also helped to keep the dressers better together in order to form a single structure. After the plywood was screwed on, the legs had to be attached using mending plates. Now the island was basically created. It only needed a new look.

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The owner originally wanted to paint the island white. It was fresh and also different from the original look of the dressers. However, after already applying a coat of white paint, a new idea surfaced. The island then got a glossy oil based enamel finish that suits it beautifully. The new kitchen island is very functional. It has many deep drawers, perfect for storing supplies and all sorts of things. It also has a marble top, wonderful in the kitchen. As you can see, this wasn’t such a difficult or complicated project. You too can com up with a similar idea. Just look around and see what you have available and find new functions for those items.{found on littlegreennotebook}.