Cute Art Center Ideas Loved By Both Kids And Their Parents

Kids enjoy being creative, they like to draw and to create things so they need an art center where they can do all these things. An art center would also give kids a nice place where they can display their creations. A lot of spaces could be used for this purpose and the spot has to be chosen depending on the size and layout of your home as well as everything else that defines it. We’ll present you with a few suggestions which might just work for you.


The best place for an art center would be an unusual space just as the staircase wall or a large hallway. The staircase is in fact a really great option. You can check out ourfifthhouse to see how it could look like if you were to transform it into an art center for kids. All they’d need is a coffee table, some poufs and their art supplies. A lamp could also help. They can display their artwork on the staircase wall.

Kids wall Art centre

Actually, the coffee table is just one of the possibilities. You can also use an old trunk for the same purpose. This would actually be really clever since the kids would be able to use its interior for storage. As far the rest of the art center goes, it could be any free spot in the kids’ room or even in your living room.

Wall special for kids art

You can even welcome the kids in your home office and give a special space where they can do their own work. This way you’d be able to keep an eye on them while working. You could give them a small table and tiny chairs or poufs and let them display their artwork on one of the walls.

Living room kids wall art

Of course, playrooms are ideal for that. This is where the kids can have fun and be creative without disturbing anyone. Their art center can be designed around a comfortable sofa or sectional. You can have some side tables added and that would work wonderfully. The walls can be the gallery.

Kids art center

The kids’ art center doesn’t need to take up much floor space. A small desk or a table and one or two small chairs should be everything necessary for this space. The desk could have drawers for the art supplies or there could be a shelving unit on the wall which can serve that purpose.

Wall art on a barn door

No room on a wall for the kids’ artwork? Maybe you could use a door for that. If you have a large sliding door that would be prefect. The drawings can be attached with tape and they’d make the door stand out in a unique way. Standard doors are a bit less safe and practical but could still be used in a similar way.

Kitchen wall art for kids

Displaying the artwork is a whole different thing. There are a lot of good places for that. For example, one of the walls in the kitchen could be used. Actually, you can have the kids’ art center organized at the kitchen island so they can sit with you when you’re cooking. You can then have their creations taped to the wall or to the fridge.

Hanging kids art

Instead of taping the drawings to the wall you can have them attached to a thin wall-mounted rod. You can use tiny clothespins for that. It could be nice to have this system placed low on the wall so the kids can hang their drawings themselves.

Simple mounting system for kids art

Of course, this simple mounting system is very versatile and can be placed pretty much anywhere. For example, you can have it displayed above the coat hangers on the entryway so the beautiful creations of your kids can greet your guests.

Entryway kids wall art display

Framing the artwork is another option. You can select the best works and frame them so you can display them somewhere in your home. The entryway could be a nice option. A hallway can also be a good idea since the artwork would cheer up the décor in a space that none really pays much attention to.

white framed kids wall art

You can have a bunch of drawings made by the kids framed and displayed in a stylish way in the living room or in the kids’ room or playroom. Use frames of different sizes and shapes and arrange them in a beautiful pattern.

Blue living room wall unit

Another idea is to have lots of drawings framed and then displayed on shelves. The shelves in the living room or dining area could work. If you don’t have a shelving unit perhaps you can add a shelf up on the wall, above the door. It could go all the way around the room. This particular wall unit has a bright color and this gives it a playful look, perfect for the context. As you can see, there are plenty of good ideas to find inspiration in for your own art center.