Keep Track of Your Keys With These DIY Key Holders

If there’s is one thing that in life that likes to remain elusive, it’s your set of keys. They are perpetually someplace other than where you last left them. In your search, you’ll find them in the very bottom of your purse or on your bedroom nightstand or under your couch, all the places that keys don’t belong. But today you can change that. Stop thinking about getting a key holder and make the move. You can give your keys a place to rest so every time you go to leave the house, they’ll be right where you left them. Take a look at these 12 DIY key holders that will help you keep track of your keys.

Picture frame key holder

Most likely, you already have all the supplies required for this DIY. Just screw some hooks into a deep frame and hang it on your wall. It will act as a key holder and as decor! (via The Typical Mom)

Mini planter key holder

Who wouldn’t like to be met with green when you walk through the door? Put together this planter key holder that is sure to make your entry way a happier place. (via Lolly Jane)

Burlap key holder

Just a little bit of burlap and some paint are the two main supplies necessary for this DIY. It will be the perfect addition to your entry way gallery wall. (via Lil Blue Boo)

Barn wood magnetic key holder

I can definitely see this fantastic magnetic key holder going two ways. DIY the whole thing from scratch like the instructions say… or put your magnets in a pre-assembled photo ledge. Boom. (via Hawthorne and Main)

Monogram key holder

For the monogram lovers, you’ll definitely need to check out this one. A wooden initial can be easily turned into your personalized key holder with some paint and nails. (via Mark Montano)

Modern geo key holder

This might be one of the best key holders I have ever seen for three reasons. One, it’s a DIY. Two, it’s so modern and sleek. Three, not only do you gain a dedicated space for keys, you get a cool geometric keychain! (via Franois et Moi)

Lego key holder

Maybe you’re thinking that you’ve already spent lots of money on your kids’ school supplies. So steal a few of their Legos to create this fun key holder. They owe it to you. (via Buzzfeed)

Chalkboard key holder

So burlap isn’t your thing but you’re digging the small simple square DIY. Make your key holder a mini chalkboard instead! You’ll only need to wait long enough for the paint to dry. (via Craft Forest)

Minimal key holder

I feel like the possibilities for this key holder are endless. That little shelf can hold your sunglasses and your wallet and a plant or a picture frame. You can also drape your pet’s leash over the shelf. See? Endless. (via Burkatron)

Wood slice key holder

The best part of this DIY is the saying, though you can put any saying you want. But on the wood slab, what a great way to incorporate some of the outdoors into your decor! (via The Crafted Life)

Plastic animal key holder

Are you lamenting the lack of wall space in your entry way? You don’t have to have it to have a key holder. This little moose will hold them safe until you’re ready to leave. (via eHow)

Crazy hooks key holder

You might be thinking that you have too many sets of keys in the house for those tiny key holder DIYs. So you just have to broaden your mind when it comes to hooks. A mish mash of styles and colors will practically make an art piece in your family’s foyer. (via Redbook)