Designing Your Own Side Table – 10 Inspiring Suggestions

Side tables are accent pieces we use when the interior décor of a room doesn’t feel complete or when a side table is actually a crucial piece of furniture for a space such as a reading corner for example. Side tables are, in fact, multifunctional and very versatile. They can also be used as nightstands for the bedroom and even as coffee tables for a casual lounge space.


If you want to build your own side table, consider an industrial design. They’re easier because they don’t need to be very refined and the attention to detail is not as important as in other cases. For example, the industrial side tables featured on lowes can be easily crafted using platted slotted angles and some plywood for the top.

Industrial table on wheels

On remodelandolacasa you can find a somewhat similar project. The materials needed for it include plated slotted angles, some pine wood, 4 wheels, bolts with nuts and washers and a wooden wine crate. Cut the plated slotted angles to the desired dimensions and then assemble the base. Add wood boards at the bottom to make a shelf and then turn the wine crate into a top.

Wire basket side table

A simplified design for a side table which also has a little bit of industrial charm can be found on oleanderandpalm. For this project you’ll need a wire basket and a round piece of wood for the top, as well as some wood stain, wood screws and nylon cable clamp. Flip the basket over and center it on the wood. Using a drill or a screwdriver, attach the clamps and space them out evenly.

Industrial table with pipes

Industrial side tables can be very stylish and also quite expensive. However, they’re also pretty easy to turn into DIY projects and primermagazine offers a beautiful illustration of that idea. The things you’ll need for this project include screws, wood stain, polyurethane sealer, felt stickers and pipes. The legs will be made of pipes which, combined with the wooden top, will look really nice.

Indutrial end table with pipes and wood

You can also combine metal pipes with some reclaimed wood to make a great end table similar to the one on thegoldensycamore. This one even has a shelf for storing magazines, books, the remote control, phone and other things. To give it more flexibility you could choose to put it on wheels.

wooden crate table with an industrial flair

If you want the side table to look a bit rustic, consider repurposing a wine crate. All you’d have to do is attach four legs to the crate. You can choose any type of legs you want and you can also choose to stain or to paint the crate. The project is very simple and you can find more details about it on dreamgreendiy.

Steel and wood end table

This side table design is very interesting. It’s industrial but it also has a little bit of rustic charm. At the same time, it’s pretty versatile and could look at home in a lot of diverse settings and interior designs. This table is solid and robust but it also looks elegant in a way.{found on etsy}.

Hairpin legs and marble top coffee table

Another idea can be to use a marble tile as a top for a side table. You could attach hairpin legs to it and it would be a fairly simple and pretty great-looking project. You’d have to attach the legs to the marble tile using glue. Make sure they are evenly spaced. You can find more details about this design and the steps you need to take to recreate it from kristimurphy.

Tile side table diy

Using four brackets, some square wooden dowels, a tile, silicone glue, wooden glue, small nails and wood stain you can build a simple and elegant-looking side table such as the one featured on ohohblog. Start by making a square shape matching the dimensions of the tile. Then use four dowel pieces to make the legs and use three more pieces to make the structure stable and secure. Stain the frame and then glue on the tile top.

Gold hexagon diy table

This hexagon-shaped side table doesn’t really look like a DIY project. Its chic and sleek design, however, is not that hard to recreate. You can check out pneumaticaddict to find out more details as well as a list of all the materials and tools you’ll need for this project. Feel free to pick a different color or even a different shape for your side table.