DIY Mirrors With Intriguing Shapes And Designs

Mirrors are some of the most versatile accessories a home can have. Mirrors always have a double function. On one hand they reflect the environment surrounding them and we often use that in our favor, making a room seem larger and brighter than it actually is or just for checking our own image in the mirror. On the other hand, a mirror’s design, shape and size and influence a room’s interior design and can even become a focal point.


The honeycomb mirror design you see here was attached to a wooden pallet. Pallets are pretty easy to come across and they’re extremely versatile too. A cardboard base was created for this piece and individual hexagon-shaped mirrors were attached to it. They come in two colors, amber and silver and they form an interesting pattern.{found on lovinglivingsmall}.

DIY gem Mirror

If you’re handy with a glass cutter, go ahead and try something a bit more complex, such as a mosaic mirror similar to the one we found on abeautifulmess. You’ll also need a ruler, a marker fine sandpaper, contact paper, gold and clear spray paint. First make an octagon shape and cut it out. Start with a square and then cut off the corners. Then cover the front of the mirror with contact paper and then draw and cut lines in the desired pattern. Peel off the lines and spray paint over the entire surface of the mirror. Then remove the contact paper.

Star burst honey comb design

To make a sunburst mirror, you can use skewers. You’ll need a mirror to place at the center. It would look nice if it were framed. Hot glue the skewers to the back of the mirror and then put a piece of cardboard on top of them to keep them secure. Spray paint the mirror frame and the skewers the same color. {found on uptodateinteriors}

DIY Mirror Jewelry Wall Hangers

A mirror can be a wall decoration as well as a practical accessory and there are ways to make it double as something else such as a jewelry hanger for example. This idea is shown on homeyohmy. The project starts with a few small mirrors shaped like octagons. An acrylic knob was attached to the center of each one. Then they were attached to the wall and became jewelry hangers.

Dining room design with honeycomb mirrors

Hexagon-shaped mirrors are quite popular right now. They’re used in interior décor in a lot of eye-catching ways. One such example is shown on thegatheredhome. A set of two-toned mirrors were arranged in a geometric design above the fireplace. A similar design strategy can also be used for an empty wall or another area of the house.

3D geometric mirror

If the mirror is only meant as a decoration, then its design can look like the one on monsterscircus. To make a 3D mirror such as this one, you’ll need cardboard pyramids which you arrange in a pattern that you like and then cover with small mirror pieces. Race the sides of the cardboard figures on a mirror sheet and then cut them out carefully one by one. You can also customize your mirror decoration using other shapes as well.