TV Frame Ideas – A Way To Personalize Your Home Without Cliches

This is actually pretty interesting. Framing the TV is not something we normally consider when decorating our homes. It’s something that can make the décor stand out and the idea is pretty simple but also ingenious. There are plenty of different ways to design a TV frame that suits the style you have in mind for a particular room or space. Building a frame for your TV is a bit different than making a picture frame so let’s have a look at a few options.


To make something similar for a modern or contemporary interior you can follow the tutorial provided on mystupidhouse. This frame was made out Ikea tables that were cup. The pieces were secured to the wall with velcro. Instead of table tops you can use wood boards which you can paint. Decide how much you want the back panel to stick out around the TV and then cut thepanels and build the frame. Leave a hole at the center for the TV wall mount. Then just stick each piece to the wall with velcro to form the frame. It’s like a large puzzle.

Frame TV on Wall

If you want a more traditional look or you’re looking for a way to integrate a flat-screen TV into a rustic interior, build a TV frame that looks like the one described on ana-white. It looks just like a picture frame but made to fit around the TV. To build it you’ll need MDF, crown molding, a saw, a nail gun, a drill and some paint.

wall tv reclaimed wood frame

A frame can actually make the TV look more elegant and you can have it painted or stained to match the rest of the furniture in the room. So basically you just measure the TV and cut some wood boards to size. Then put them together to make a very simple frame which you can hang with wall hooks.{found on celebrationsathomeblog}.

TV wood framing

A beautiful idea is to have the TV look like a large framed photo on a mantel or shelf. You can use salvaged wood for the project to give the frame a distressed look. It would be convenient to be able to cut a niche into the wall to make room for the TV mounting system. Then build a shelf and a frame and add a few decorations like some framed photos, a vase, planters, etc. {found on remodelaholic}.

Modern wall mount tv

If you want to be able to conceal your wall-mounted TV when you’re not using it, you could build a frame with two doors that cover the TV. You can decorate these with photos or with artwork. The frame would have to match the rest of the interior design in terms of style so think of something simple if you have a modern or contemporary home interior.

Barn doors for a wall mounted tv above the fireplace

A similar system can be used for a rustic décor. Actually, you can make something pretty interesting in this case: a TV cover that lets you hide the TV behind barn doors. This way you’ll be able to add a rustic and even an industrial touch to the space. It’s easier to integrate this system if you have a mantel.

Yellow wall mounted frame tv

If you need more inspiration, you can check out decoratingyoursmallspace. Here you’ll find a bunch of ideas showing you how to conceal the TV, how to frame it or how to decorate around it so it looks like a natural part of the wall décor. The ideas are diverse and meant to suit a variety of styles. You can use them as inspiration for a completely new and unique design meant to be just right for your own home and style.