DIY hanging thermos display

Whenever you’re cleaning up the house and find an item that you no longer need or use, there are two options. You can either throw that item away and free up the space or, if you enjoy DIY projects, you can find a new use for it. Even something as trivial as a thermos can be repurposed and turned into something beautiful. Here’s how you can do that. First of all you need to gather up some materials. You’ll need a wood plank, some thermoses, leather strips, swag hooks, wood sealer or stain, 2 nails, a hand drill, a jigsaw, a pencil, palm sander, sandpaper and 2 clothespins.

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Start by deciding the location of the end holes and the large holes and use the drill to create them. Then use the jigsaw to cut out the large hole. Sand the top side of the board, clean it up and apply a sealer or stain. Next, add a small strip of leather to the inside of the larger hole and, using a nail, attach it to the two opposite sides of the large hole. Now roll the leather strips in half and twist them through the hole. Tie a knot on the underside of the shelf and then attach the swag hooks where you want the shelf to be.

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Now it’s time to hang the shelf from the hooks. You can do that by folding the leather over the hooks. Use clothespins to hold the shelf in place and decide where you want to punch holes in the leather. Create four holes and then twist a small piece of leather through the four holes. Trim the ends and your project is done. Now you have an original decoration for your home. It’s easy to make and you get to repurpose your old thermoses.{found on designsponge}.