How To Add More Storage To Your Kitchen The DIY Way

You can’t really have too much storage space in the kitchen. You can, however, have too little. You can always change that by always improving your kitchen’s storage capacity and methods. The DIY projects you can try in this sense are numerous. We’re not going to discuss the large ones such as building cabinetry or other things. We’ll analyze a few small projects which will have an important impact on the overall composition.




This set of three hanging containers is something you might use for fruits, vegetables or maybe for spices. You can hang the containers in a corner or in a place you find practical. You’ll need three containers of different dimensions. You’ll have to make three holes in each one and then connect them with chain.

utensil organizer diy

Kitchen utensils need to be contained all in one place or they’ll end up scattered all over the place creating a mess. To solve this issue you can build a utensil organizer. You can use a vintage wooden box or just any box, a wooden dowel, some wood pieces to use as dividers, paint and brackets. The project is described on abeautifulmess.

Magnetic knives wall holder diy

A great way to both store and display your kitchen knives is with a magnetic rack. They’re pretty popular and common in stores but they’re also easy to make at home. You need a wood board, some sandpaper, a drill, magnets, adhesive and mounting screws. Measure and cut the board, then make some shallow holes for the magnets. Glue the magnets in place and then mount the rack in place. {found on ehow}.

Magnetic tins

A lovely idea can be to repurpose containers such as tins and spice boxes. You can transform these into mini storage containers for things like pens, notes and small tools such as the can opener, scissors or bottle opener. You can find a detailed description on the project on ehow. You’ll need metal spice tins, disc magnets, metal magnet clips and craft glue.


Dipped painted mason jar

A mason jar can also make a perfect storage container for kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons. But leaving the jar plain and simple without any makeover can be a bit boring. A simple thing you can do is to dip it in paint to create a new interesting look. Use tape to get the design you want. {found on lovegrowswild}

Upcycled utensil holders

Instead of a jar, another option is to use an empty metal tin. We suggest painting the tins to change their look and to also customize them a little bit. First you should apply a coat of primer. Then apply two coats of paint. At the end, you can add some sticklers or labels if you want to better organize everything. {found on blahblahmagazine}.

Cup of joy - hanger

Coffee or tea mugs occupy a lot of space in a cabinet, space which you could use more practically for something else. So where should you store your mugs? Pennywisecook seems to have a good idea. Here you can find out how to make a mug holder that’s both practical and good-looking. Basically you just need a wood board and some hooks. You can choose to customize them however you want.