10 DIYs for the Creepiest Halloween Candles

Every seasoned host or hostess knows that a good party is all about good lighting. If you thought candlelight was only for romantic dinner dates, think again. That same soft glow can be turned spooky real quick with some plastic spiders and a haunted soundtrack. Take a look at these 10 projects for the creepiest Halloween candles. Don’t think twice about filling your house with them before your party.

Painted pumpkin votive

Pumpkin votives are the perfect way to combine your Halloween decor with your party lights. Place them on your dining room table and your kitchen counters and your coffee table for maximum effect. Don’t forget to put one in the bathroom! (via No Kitchen Sink)

Spine halloween candles

These spine candlesticks might look difficult but with a little time and a foam mold, you can have these spooky candlesticks that will look too awesome to burn. So you better make four, two for show and two for light. (via Make)

Glowing halloween lanterns

There’s a reason these lanterns are called “enchanted”. That gorgeous glow is just what you need on your front porch… and all over the rest of your house. You can even let your kids help you with the silhouettes. Think black cats and witch hats if this scene looks too complicated. (via Adventure in a Box)

Bloody halloween candles

Get your old red leftover candles ready to make another appearance. Pour the drippy wax over some new white candles to create a blood stained candle effect. You can do it an hour before your guests arrive and still have the dinner table glowing spookily. (via Popsugar)

Washi tape candles

Short on time because you spent too long on your other Halloween projects? Don’t worry. Some orange candles wrapped in washi tape make a decorative addition to any scene you have set up already. Bonus points if your candles smell like pumpkin spice. (via Proper)

Wax and mold brain candle for halloween

It’s amazing what you can do with wax and molds. Snatch up one of those brain ice cube trays and make some brains with pink colored wax. Then just drill a hole in the middle and insert your wick. Ta da! They’ll be the envy of all your other candles. (via Tally’s Treasury)

Black and white striped candles

Time to paint stripes. With a little tape and some black paint, you can have a pair of candlesticks that will rival any witch’s stripy tights. In fact, you might like them so much that you’ll leave them to decorate your dining room year round. (via This Girl’s Life)

Lace Halloween votives

There’s nothing quite like a bit of black lace to make you feel nostalgic and melancholy. Wrap some around some vases and insert votives for a very Miss Havisham kind of look. (via The Sweetest Occasion)

Candy corn candle

Candy corn buffs, this one’s for you. You’ll enjoy a Saturday spent layering wax in your three favorite colors to create a sweet looking candle. Not only will they be a hit for Halloween, you can use them for Thanksgiving too. (via Rustic Escentuals Crafting Library)

Halloween picture candles

Let’s face it. What we really want for All Hallows Eve are the witches and the ghosts and the grinning pumpkins. With some wax paper and a blow dryer, you can have some scary candles that are all those things and more. (via Giggle Hearts)