DIY gold-dipped home accessories and decorations

Want to add some glamour and shine to your home’s interior décor? How about some gold-dipped decorations and accessories? They have a unique spark and they can be easily made in a week-end. Some of the projects we’re going to show only take a few minutes to complete. So why not use these minutes wisely and make something beautiful for your home?

Gold dipped ceramics.

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Let’s start with something simple: gold-dipped ceramics. For this project you’re going to need some white bud vases, white ceramic tumblers, white utensil holders, some painter’s tape and gold spray paint. Use the tape to cover the areas you don’t want to paint. Then all you have to do is spray paint your ceramics. Let it dry and peel off the tape.{found on brit}.

Flower vases.

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You can also easily make gold-dipped vases out of simple glass vases or even glass bottles that have the right shape. The idea is simple. Take the vases and mark with tape the line where you want the paint to stop. If you want a more casual look you can ignore the tape. Then dip the bottom part of the vases in golden paint. Let them dry and enjoy.{image by Kari Herer}.

Bowl gold dipped.

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You can also use gold paint to give a makeover to an old bowl for example. Get some gold acrylic paint, white spray paint, a paint brush and some painter’s tape. Start with a few coats of white spray paint. Let it dry and then use tape to create the edge or design you want. After that, cover the bowl with gold paint.{found on hellohomeshoppe}.


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This simple technique can also be used for all sorts of projects. For example, you can give your bookends a stylish makeover and add some shine to them. Here’s how it worked in this particular case. The bookends were made of a scrap piece of wood and some dinosaur toys. They were glued together and then painted white. Tape was used to mark the line on the base and then gold paint was used for that portion.{found on bowerpowerblog}.

Gold dipped utensils.

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Basically what we were saying so far is that you can take any object, dip it in gold paint and give it a sparkling makeover. Well, that’s sounds about right. You can take any object, as simple and boring as it might seem, even kitchen utensils and give them a shiny new look. These spoons were first dipped in gold paint and then hung to dry. The steps are simple and the results are quite lovely.{found on lovelyindeed}.

Dipped votives.

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If, for example, you want to make votives for your home, the steps are very simple. You’ll only need glass votives, gold paint and a paper plate. Put the paint in the plate and with a circular motion cover the rim of the votives in paint. Let them dry and add the candles.

Gold frames.

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You don’t have to dip the whole object in gold paint to make it stand out. This example perfectly illustrates that. If you want to add some shine to your photo frames here’s what you can do. Mark off the corners of the frame. Then take some tape that you have previously painted gold and lay it on the frame making sure you overlap the edges. That is all.{found on athoughtfulplaceblog}.

Dipped chair legs.

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Your furniture could get a nice makeover as well if you have some free time. For example, this side table had its legs painted gold and now it definitely has a more glamorous look. You can do the same for your table. Use tape to mark the line where the paint should stop, take a paint brush and start painting.{found on site}.

Another chair.

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You can use the same technique and idea for the chairs as well. But first you might want to paint the entire chair a different color if it has a worn and ugly look. Then use gold paint for the bottom area of the legs. Let the paint dry and enjoy your chair.{found on markovadesign}.

Candles dipped.

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The last project we’re going to show you today is another idea for some very beautiful candle decorations. It’s similar to the votives project presented earlier. Basically you have to dip the votives which could be simple glasses in gold paint and let them dry. Then insert the white candles and maybe complement the decorations with a wood ornament.