DIY Mosaic Projects That Put Style Into Perspective

Mosaics can be really fun to create and to work with. Of course, there are many different types of mosaics, some of which are quite extraordinary. The technique can be applied in a lot of cases and for various projects. The following examples all explore the world of mosaics each in their own stylish and unique way.


We’ll start with this awesome tile tree mosaic. The first thing you need to do is find a picture of a tree that you like. You’ll also need some Mod Podge, a brush, a canvas, glass tiles and a sharpie marker. Cut the picture into 1” squares or the same size at your tiles. Apply Mod Podge to each tile and glue it to the picture square. Add a glossy top coat. At the end, arrange all the pieces on the canvas.{found on happyhourprojects}.

Painted Mosaic Styrofoam Tile Picture Frame

A colorful mosaic could be a fun design idea for a picture frame. There’s also another benefit to the project featured on pinkstripeysocks. Being so simple, even kids can do it. The supplies needed for it include styrofoam plates, a cereal box, some cardboard, tape, glue, acrylic craft paint and mod podge. Make a rectangular cardboard frame a bit larger than the photo and paint it. Apply mod podge for a shiny finish. Cut out your mosaic tiles and paint them. Then make a back stand.

Holiday tree from mosaic for kids

Another fun mosaic project for the kids is offered on hellowonderful. It all starts with a big sheet of paper on which you outline a shape using washi tape. Then the kids are ready to start having fun. They can use a collection of mosaic tiles and alphabet tiles along with a few other things. Let the kids decorate their design however they want.

Mosaic coffee table

Let’s move on and also have a look at some grown-up projects. Centsationalgirl offers a pretty nice idea: a mosaic patio table. The project starts with a basic wood table or bench. If you want, you can spray paint the frame. Then it’s time to cover the top with glass mosaic tiles. Apply mortar on a portion and then push the tile on. Put strips on the edges as well. Then apply a layer of grout on all the tiles and sponge off the excess.

neon mosaic tile trivet

If you’d like to try something smaller, have a look at the project on shrimpsaladcircus. You’ll be using neon acrylic paint, unsanded grout, a craft knife, a square white tile, a peel-and-stick floor tile and plastic moulding. Follow the instructions in the tutorial and you’ll end up with a beautiful-looking mosaic trivet. Of course, you can choose to use it as a display surface for a planter, vase or decoration.

Mosain garden top

There are also ways to play with mosaics when decorating your garden. You could make mosaic stepping stones such as the ones on midwestliving. It all starts with some plain concrete stepping stones, some broken china, bits of glass, stones, crystals, marbles or anything else you think might work. There are many ways in which to customize this project.