Halloween And Beyond: How To Decorate With Spider Webs

Spider web decorations are most popular during Halloween because of their creepy nature by association with spiders. But let’s not judge them that way. If you look closely at a spider web you’ll see that it’s a work of art. It’s very delicate and has an intricate and mesmerizing design. Different spiders make different types of webs and they’re all exquisite. That being said, wanting to use spider web decorations in our homes suddenly doesn’t seem that creepy.

Wall spider web

Making a spider web out of string or yarn is pretty easy actually if you pick the classical design. There are various ways in which you can integrate the web into a room’s décor. For example, you can make it look natural by attaching it to a furniture piece and the wall or window close by. Another option is to frame the web and to display it on a wall, mantel or shelf. Either way, start with the skeleton arms and use double strands of yarn. Tape the ends to the areas where you want the web to be placed. Then start with an x and several criss-cross lines. Then start adding the web rings using loops.{found on madeeveryday}

embroidery spider web

Instead of a picture frame which is usually rectangular, you could use an embroidery hoop so the spider web can be symmetrical. For one such decoration you require an embroidery hoop, white wool or yarn and plastic spiders. The tutorial can be found on thethingsshemakes. Remove the outside loop and make a horizontal tie across the inside hoop. Repeat as many times as you want. Then cut a long piece of wool and secure it to the center of the loop. Make the inner rings of the web and then secure it with a knot.

Halloween crafts for kids - spider web

A cute and simple project even kids would love is described on consumercrafts. The supplies needed include wood craft sticks, silver paint, a paintbrush, craft glue, white yarn and plastic spiders. The first step is to paint the sticks silver. Then glue three sticks together to form an asterisk. Tie yarn around the center and wrap it in each direction for a symmetrical look. Then start wrapping yarn around each stick. At the end, tie a knot.

Cork string spider web

Another option can be to make string art spider webs. You’ll need a circular cork piece, embroidery thread, small nails, plastic spiders and glue. Pin the nails into the cork as shown on onelmon. Then start wrapping string around them in a symmetrical pattern. It’s pretty easy once you understand the technique. At the end, glue the spiders onto the web.

outdoor front house spider web

You can also make spider web decorations for the outdoors. If you want to make a giant web for the front porch for example, you’ll need something a bit more sturdy than embroidery yarn. So go find some thin rope or anything else you can use. It would be easy to use the railing, roof and side posts of a deck as supports for the web. So attach two pieces of rope to these supports to form a large + sign. Then tie a long piece of rope to the center and begin to tie knots as you circle around the horizontal and vertical lines. If you want, you can add two more pieces of rope to make an asterisk instead of a plus. {found on myuntangledlife}.

Washi tape spider web

To make a giant spider web indoors you could use washi tape. It’s easy and can be easily removed when you no longer want it. Use regular sized tape to make a star shape on the wall using five strips. Then start using thin washi tape to make the inner lines and fill in all the wedges. Repeat this until the web is complete. You can find more detailed instructions on zakkalife.

Spider web glassware

Thin black tape can also be used to decorate a bunch of glasses for a themed look. The idea comes from sarahhearts. The design is simple and you can adapt it to pretty much any kind of glass. Also, you can decorate the table or tray as well giving it a spider web theme. It would be a nice touch for a successful Halloween décor.

Crochet spider web on pumpkin

There are also other options to try which are a bit more unconventional. For example, check out the beautiful crochet pattern on this pumpkin we found on flaxandtwine. If you want to make something just as stylish for your decorative pumpkins, use yarn, a crochet hook and a spider web rosette kit. You’ll find a detailed tutorial showing all the necessary instructions in the link above.