DIY forward facing bookshelves for the children’s room

Forward facing bookshelves can be a very practical addition to a home. They add valuable storage space for small things such as books or small objects. The great thing about them is that they can be added anywhere you have some free space. In this case, the shelves were put in the wasted space behind the door. It was a very ingenious idea. It’s a particularly practical idea for the children’s room. They’ll have a place to put their books and they won’t have to give up the space from the cabinets where they keep their toys.

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Even though the idea is theoretically ingenious and great, when it comes to children you can never be too careful. The shelves will have to be thin. However, they will be strong enough to hold heavy books. Still, the children might get the idea that they can climb on the shelves and this can end up badly so think twice before you adopt the idea. Now let’s see exactly how you can create these magical shelves.

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The materials you’ll be needing for this project are: aluminum track, baseboard, screws, saw, drill, tacks and hammer. Start by cutting the aluminum track and baseboard to the length you desire. Then decide where you want to place the wall anchors. Mark the aluminum track and pre-drill the holes. Then mount the track to the wall, align the molding and mark the screw head locations. Cut notches in the mounding and insert notched baseboard molding into the aluminum track.

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Drill the holes and then insert the tacks to secure everything in place. Repeat the process for each shelf. At the end you’ll get practical shelves that you can use to store books and all sorts of other things. It’s a versatile idea that can be used anywhere in the house. You can use any free space you have and you can also improvise.The full project on gerberadesigns.