DIY Fluffy Wall Lamp

Fluffy objects have always represented sweet and funny things. They make you feel nice and comfortable. Kids are also attracted to these cute and fluffy objects. If you want to add some more color and joy to your interior then you can try to do this DIY Fluffy Wall Lamp. Your reading hours will become more pleasant and you will feel great.

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The materials that you need are: a mirror bracket from IKEA, some aluminum wire, decorative feathers, PVA glue, mesh, silver paint, light socket, light bulb.Make a canvas of the lamp’s lampshade using aluminum wire. Attach it to the bracket. Cut a mesh to cover the metal frame.

Cover the canvas with the mesh and fix it using thin wire. Pass an electric wire though the mesh as close to the center of the canvas as possible. Fix a light socket near the electric wire. Put some glue on feather ends and insert them into the mesh one by one. Cover the power cord with silver paint in order to make it looks like the metal bracket. Put a light bulb in and the lamp is ready!

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Now you can enjoy its beautiful design and great light that will illuminate your room. You will feel even greater when you think that it is a lamp made by your own hands.{found on wday}