10 Cute Ways To Decorate Your Flower Pots

It often seems like a flower pot just doesn’t look good enough, almost as if it’s not worthy of housing your beautiful plants. But that’s something you can easily deal with. You just have to find a way to decorate the pots so they look exactly how you want them to. Having trouble coming up with a design? Check out these cute suggestions.


One option is to use fabric. Basically you’ll have to apply some adhesive to the area of the flower pot you want to cover up and then place the fabric on top. You can paint the pots before this part if you want them to have a certain specific color or simply to change their look.

DIY terracota pots with paint

Another idea is to use acrylic paint and gold leaf to give your flower pots a chic makeover. Use tape to mark the pattern or design you want to create or if you simply want the whole pot to have the same color you can skip this step. Paint the exterior of the pot and a little bit of the interior. Remove the tape and apply glue to the empty spots. Then put gold leaf on top. Find out more about the project on 333bracket.

Terracotta pots update

You can improvise in a lot of nice ways when decorating a flower pot. For example, use things you already have such as a decorative napkin or a piece of fabric that you like. Paint the pot, let it dry, cut out a design from the napkin and adhere it to the pot with mod podge. Seal the whole design with another coat of mod podge. {found on placeofmytaste}.

Stencil flower pots

Check out littleredwindow to find out to make stenciled flower pots. The project requires the following supplies: terra cotta pots, outdoor craft paint, contact paper or vinyl and a craft knife. Apply two coats of paint on each pot. Cut the stencil you want to use and use contact paper for this part. Apply it to the pot and get the air bubbles out. Apply a few coats of white paint and tehn remove the stencil to reveal the design.

Newspaper Flower Pots

A really interesting option is to decorate your flower pots with newspaper. The project is really simple. Take some terra cotta pots, some mod podge, a newspaper, some acrylic paint and twine. Apply mod podge on the exterior of the pot and adhere newspaper pieces to it. Once it’s all covered up seal it with more mod podge. Don’t forget to paint the rim using a color of your choice. {found on averageinspired}.

Gold Confetti planter

The idea offered on bywilma is really chic and worth a try. To make your planters look like this you need white paint, gold leaf and glue. Basically you make confetti out of gold leaf and you glue the small pieces to the bottom part of the planter in a random pattern.

Gold foil planter

Similarly, you can decorate your planters with glitter just to make them stand out a bit. Start by painting the planters if they don’t already have the color of your choice. Then use mod podge and glitter to cover the bottom portion of the planter. Use tape to get a nice clean line across. {found on nestofposies}.
Single plant pot update with rope

If you want to try a more more approach, check out the idea featured on madiganmade. You’ll need brown wrapping paper and some sort of twine or rope. Wrap the pot in paper and trim the edges. Use a glue gun to attach the rope around the top half of the planter. That’s pretty much all you have to do.

Using burlap ribbon

Using burlap and ribbon you can make your flower pots look cute and elegant. Basically you just have to cut a piece of burlap and wrap it around the pot, leaving the top and the bottom exposed. Tie some ribbon around to keep the burlap in place. {found on thehankfullhouse}

Chalkboard paint flower pot

If you want to personalize your flower pots, how about giving them chalkboard labels? Or you can just paint their exterior with chalkboard paint and then customize them however you want as many times as you want. Such a pot would also make a nice gift for someone. {found on frugelegance}.