Diy Florar Suitcase By Elsie Larson

Fashion comes back from time to time.It is like a circle spinning slow but steady. Now it’s the perfect time to dig up your  closet and get all the pretty things you used to wear back in the day.Retro  glasses  where the first to come back and hook up the new generations.Now its time for dresses, hair style, man’s suites and so on.

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An interesting thing about fashion coming back is that  not only is influencing people’s hair and clothes but also the whole decorative part.In this case,Elsie Larson managed to create some beautiful  retro suitcases with florar motifs.She did it by herself with some simple tools found in any home  and explaining step by step the process so anyone interested can do it at home with their own old fabrics.What she truly did, is creating not only a chic stylish suitcase fully functional, but also a decorative element perfect for decorating a nursery, or stacked them high in your living room.

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Another great decorative idea is to stand the suitcases up behing other items on a shelf or anything you think would look good in your setting.This is the  easiest way to add color and style to your space without investing a great deal of money.Now I think that when you will be passing by a store or  down on the street by a vintage boutique ,you’ll take a closser look to the suitcases, the same suitcases you’ve passed by many times and never looked at them.{found on abeautifulmess}