Original Pendant Lamp Shades You Can Make Yourself

The light fixtures are important accent details in every space. Sometimes they play a central role in the overall décor and ambiance of the room while other times they manipulate them in a more subtle way. Pendant lamps are eye-catching, their shades being the most interesting part. You can’t always find the design you were looking for so sometimes you have to be creative and make things happen yourself.


The pendant lamp you display directly above the dining table will influence this whole space. Everything will have to be just right. The colors displayed by the pendant shade can’t be chosen at random and, if they’re not completely right for your taste, you can change that. For example, you can put metal leaf on the interior of the shade if you want to cover up its plain white look and make it a little bit more eye-catching.

Perforated globe

Did you ever think that you could make a pendant lamp out of two plastic bowls. It doesn’t exactly sound like a very professional thing to do but, as always, the secret is in the little details. What’s fun about this idea is that you can combine any two colors you want and you can control the shape of your pendant lamp shade. On madincrafts you can find out how to complete such a project as well as a list of things you’ll require for it.

Giant decorative bow paper lamp

Another stylish way to craft a pendant lamp shade from scratch is described on instructables. This time the pendant lamp is a giant decorative bow made of paper. To make something similar you’ll need a big sheet of thick paper of your favorite color, craft glue, a small plastic tube or pipe and cord, socket, light bulb and everything else required.

diy frame minimal pending lamp

If you prefer something minimalistic and easy to make, the frame pendant lamp featured on ohohblog should be just what you’re looking for. As you can see, this shade is basically just a simple wooden frame with a light bulb at its center. You can make it out of four wooden pieces. Make a hole at the center of the top piece big enough for the cord to go through. You can either paint or stain the frame.

Trader joes grocery bag lamp

On apieceofrainbo you can find one of cheapest projects of this kind. Can you guess what this is? Obviously, its a pendant lamp made out of two grocery bags. Open them up and remove the handles. Then fold them as described in the tutorial. Join the sections together with glue and tape. Then thread a piece of twine or yarn at the top.

antique basket into a lamp

A lamp shade with plenty of industrial and rustic charm can be found on ehow. As you can see, this is basically just an antique basket turned upside down and centered to contain the light bulb. All you need to do if you want to repurpose it is to assemble the pendant kit and to attach it to the center of the basket. {found on ehow}.

Wine bottle pendant lamp

Speaking of repurposing, everyone knows how versatile and great glass bottles are. We already know that putting several of these together can result in a unique chandelier but you can also use a single bottle as a pendant shade. You’ll need a light socket kit, glass pebbles and something to cut the bottle with. Remove the bottom part of the bottle and then glue the glass pebbles on it. Then add the kit. {found on ilovetocreateblog).

Zip tie pendant lamp

Another interesting idea is to repurpose a simple wire trash can into a pendant lamp shade. Actually, this part is very simple. On madincrafts you can find out how to then decorate your new pendant lamp with colored zip ties. You can combine several colors or keep the design simple and monochromatic.