Stay Healthy This Season With These DIY Essential Oil Diffusers

When the cold moves in and the coats come out, you will inevitably begin to hear sniffling and coughing everywhere you go. Winter can be a pleasant season or not, depending on how well you take care of yourself. Because you’re bound to get a cold once, right? Essential oils are definitely my go to remedy when I start to feel that tickle in the back of my throat. They’re an all natural solution to illness and they can help lessen your symptoms if you use them continuously. Say… in a diffuser! Check out these 10 DIY essential oil diffusers that will help keep you healthy this winter season.

Essential oil cotton balls

You’ve most likely heard of water beads and how they’re good for decorating your home and keeping your plants alive. But during the winter, you can add your favorite essential oils to your beads and infuse your home with healthy scents all season long. (via Do Terra)

All natural vapor rub

If you grew up with Vix Vapor Rub, it can be hard to break the habit of pulling it out each night when you’re sick. This vapor rub will help. It’s the natural solution to the childhood memories that you’ve been looking for. Plus, it will help kick that cough better. Sorry Vix. (via Wicked Spatula)

DIY diffuser necklace

So many of us don’t get sick days at work. Ladies, treat yourself at your desk by DIYing this diffuser necklace. Those peppermint eucalyptus smelling beads will be your new favorite perfume. (via Crave the Good)

Oil diffusing ornament

Yeah, Christmas is over. So what! Use some clear glass balls and fill them with an essential oil mixture. Then hang them wherever you spend the most time to reap the most benefits. (via Kids Activities Blog)

Portable oil diffuser

Are you on the go this winter season? For all you travelers, infuse a pumice stone with your chosen immunity-boosting essential oil and you’ll have the best portable diffuser you could ask for. Your coughing plane-mate will thank you too. (via Aura Cacia)

Essential oil candle

Candles are usually burning the whole time you’re home during the winter. So you might as well make your own health-inducing candle so the flame can be working for you. (via Southern Cali Saver)

Roll on essential oils

Roll ons are awesome. But when you’re sick you might want to change up your roll on perfume for something that will help you bust your cold. Carrying around roll on stick with those good-for-you essential oils is simple and will have you feeling better in no time. (via The Pretty Bee)

Tassel oil diffuser necklace

I couldn’t resist adding another piece of diffuser jewelry. Infuse a bit of leather with your essential oils and turn it into a classy tassel necklace. Especially good for moms who are holding little runny-nosed people all the time. (via Being MVP)

Essential oil reed diffuser

Don’t forget the classic DIY diffuser! A bottle and some reeds will have any room smelling clean and healthy in just a few hours. You can DIY your bottle into something spectacular or just find a clear simple style that will match your modern living room. (via eHow)

Essential oil cotton balls

Did Christmas wipe your savings for a while? Stay in the diffuser game by using cotton balls. Yes, it’s that simple. Just place them in a dish near the edge of your bed. Hang them on your rear-view mirror. You’ll get all the benefits without the cost. (via Call Me a Hippie)