DIY Egg Holders For Easter and Every Other Occasion

Everyone celebrates Easter in their own way. The traditions differ from region to region but they all have certain things in common like the colorful eggs for example. We choose to display these things turning them into festive decorations. The way we do that can also differ. Today we’ll have a look at a few cute DIY ways of creating egg holders which aren’t only great for Easter but every other occasion you can think of.


If you want to make a bunch of egg holders which you can throw away once the holiday is over, check out the design idea featured on thehybridchick. To make these you’ll need a template, some photo paper, scissors, mod podge, glitter glue, ribbon, glue dots and rhinestones. Cut out the template and use glue dots to make the holders adhere after you wrap them. After that you can start decorating them.

Easter egg cups

Egg cups can also be made out of air dry clay. You’ll also need some paint and tape to get the right look. Here’s how you make them: roll a ball of clay and make a thick tube. Press a large egg into one end. Straighten up the sides and top and smooth the clay using water. Let it dry for a few days. Paint the bottom. {found on fallfordiy}.

Origami egg holder

Another option is to make origami egg holders. They’re pretty easy to make. It only takes a couple of minutes to make one of these. You can use any kind of decorative paper you want. You can make matching holders for all the eggs or you can mix and match different colors and patterns. You can find this idea on howaboutorange.

Egg holder place cards

If you’re planning an elegant Easter dinner for example, a cute idea could be to make egg holder place cards for each of the guests. You’ll need a printable template, watercolors, a paintbrush, scissors, a calligraphy pen and some glue. Cut out each individual flag and then carefully white the name of each guest onto the banner end and then form the egg holders. You can find more details about this project on camillestyles.

Colorful eggs holder

A very simple option is to use empty toilet paper rolls to make customized holders for the eggs. Paper towel rolls would work too if they’re not too wide. You’ll have to cut each roll into sections and then decorate them all with wrapping paper. That’s basically the whole project. You can find it featured on craftandcreativity.

Easy and quick egg holder

Instead of decorating the toilet paper rolls with wrapping paper, another option is to use twine or yarn. After cutting the rolls into sections, you cut a tiny slit into each one and you run the thread through it to it stays secure. Then start wrapping it around the roll, applying glue as you go. Repeat for each egg holder. Check out journeycreativity for more info on this project.

Bunny egg holder

A cute idea for the kids is to make Easter bunny egg holders. The ones featured on makermama are also made of empty toilet paper rolls. The special thing about them is that they have ears. You can customize each one with paint or colored paper. The eggs can be customized as well using a marker pen to give them each eyes, a nose and whiskers.

Wood beads egg holder

The egg holder featured on sinnenrausch also resembles a cute bunny. This one, however, is made of wooden beads. The idea behind the design is simple. You thread a bunch of beads and you shape them into a circle big enough to hold an egg but not before you make the ears using smaller beads.

Owen egg holder

You can find a few more interesting ideas for customized egg holders on lisastorms.typepad. For example, you could make a small nest for each egg out of brown paper or you can make an egg holder that looks like a flower. In each case, the eggs would have to be painted and customized as well in order to get a perfect combination.