7 Fun And Creative Ways To Decorate Clothes Hangers

Some things are so basic and we use them so often we don’t even think of customizing them or in fact changing anything about them. As soon as we realize that a whole new world of possibilities becomes available. Things as simple as clothes hangers become the perfect subject for creative and ingenious DIY projects. Curious how you can make your hangers match your own style? Check out the following projects.


The customization of hangers can be a really fun project for the kids, although adults could enjoy it just as much. Actually, let’s have a look at a few design ideas that let you make clothes hangers look cute so kids can learn how to use them and also enjoy it. For example, you could decorate the hangers with pom-pom trim, you can could paint them or decorate them with colored beads. Find more about these options and more on pysselbolaget.

Colorful hanger diy

Wire coat hangers are not exactly good-looking so decorating them seems like a pretty great idea. You can decorate the hangers with tape. The idea comes from pm-betweenthelines. Here’s what you need for the transformation: wire coat hangers, tape, ribbon or fabric and glue. If you use washi tape then it’s all a little easier. Fabric or ribbon are also suitable options but they need to be glued to the hanger. In any case, attach the tape, ribbon or fabric strip to the hanger and start twisting all the way around until you cover the whole hanger. Cut off the excess and secure with glue if necessary.

Clothes hanger diy

Both plastic and wooden hangers can be easily customized using spray paint. You can decorate each hanger in a different way. For example, you can paint them using different colors or you can use tape to create various patterns and designs. After the paint has dried you can remove the tape and reveal the gorgeous new design. At the end, decorate the hangers with colorful wood beads or matching bows. {found on thesoutherninstitute}

Hangers for kids

If you want to make your clothes hangers sparkle and shine, you should definitely have a look at the project featured on lovemaegan. This project can be easily done by kids if they want to get involved as well. The required supplies include velvet-lined hangers, stretch sequin trim, a needle and matching thread. Starting from the corner of the hanger, start wrapping the trim around at an angle, stretching as you go. Cover the entire hanger and then run a stitch through the underside section just to make sure it holds.

Clothespins tree

Clothes hangers can also be used in other ways than the one they were intended for. For example, you can use three hangers and lots of wooden clothespins to make an abstract-looking Christmas tree decoration which you can hang on a wall or in front of a window. The main idea is to attach the pins to the upper side of the hanger and to make three tiers that put together look like a tree. Add a star at the top (white you can make from craft sticks). The idea comes from thebottomsupblog.

Coat hanger for jewelry

The cloud decoration featured on makeandfable can can made out of a wire hanger but you can also make it out of steel wire. You’ll need cutters and pliers as well as some spray paint. If you’re using wire you’ll first have to make a loop at one end. Then make another one using a can or some other object as a guided. Continue with another loop larger than the previous one. Bend the wire to form the base and then bend it upwards and make two more loops. Cross the wires and twist them to secure them together.