Chic DIY Coaster Designs With Geometric Prints

Coasters and geometric prints go hand in hand. They’re both simple, versatile and easy to customize. The idea of actually crafting your own coasters instead of buying them is very attractive, given how simple the project is and the large number of design possibilities to choose from. Even when talking strictly about geometric prints there’s still a ton of great designs you can come up with.


A geometric design is easy to get right. Painter’s tape is your best friend. Use it to create geometric shapes and let them guide you when painting the design. Mix and match several colors for a fun look. You can also use sticky tape or improvise with things you have in your home.{found on craftedblog}.

DIY Painted Cork Coasters

Cork coasters are a great starting point. If you want to create a repetitive pattern, use a ruler and a pencil to mark lines across the coaster. Then use an assortment of acrylic paints and thin paint brushes and finish with acrylic paint sealer. {found on aprettyfix}

Geometric colorful cork coasters

There’s no need to paint the whole surface of a coaster. In fact, you can use the background color in your design. A set of customized coasters would make a wonderful and very thoughtful gift. They’re actually useful and, in addition, they’re also unique. {found on onebroadsjourney}

Gold and pale pink coasters

A chic design complete with detailed instructions can be found on Forthemakers. Each coaster is divided in two sections along a diagonal line. Half is painted and half is covered with gold leaf. In order for the design to be symmetrical, you need to find square coasters or to trim them to get the shape right. Circular coasters could also work.

Colorfuk striped coasters

Stripes have always been chic and beautiful. They’re actually timeless and easy to get right. So use this pattern when decorating cork coasters. Use tape to mark the lines, paint in between and then you can fill the empty spaces with a different color. Find out more about the design on delineateyourdwelling.

crisscross design coaster

A crisscross design would also look interesting. You can either use tape to get the lines straight and clean or you can freehand the whole design in which case it will look childish but not necessarily bad. In fact, it would have an artistic flair just like the design featured on Fallfordiy.

Chalkboard dipped coaster

A really great way of personalizing the coasters is with chalkboard paint. The idea came from Makeandtell. Use tape to delineate a corner of the coaster and paint that portion with chalkboard paint. Remove the tape and let the paint dry. Then you can customize each coaster with the name of the person using it at that particular moment.

Square and circular coasters

Square and circular coasters are the most popular types but not the only ones. So if you want to try something special, use hexagonal coasters instead. You can customize them with a really simple and great geometric design. Have fun mixing and matching the colors. {found on aparedeindecisa}

Clay coaster diy

Apart from cork coasters, there’s also a different option: clay coasters. These can be customized with geometric prints as well. In fact, you can actually make these yourself from scratch. You’ll need oven bake clay, craft paint, tape, a foam brush and a rolling pin. Check out the tutorial on twinspiration.