DIY bulletin board with shutters

A bulletin board is not a very common item in most homes. However, it can be a very practical addition. The best thing about this one is that you can make it yourself. Let’s see the materials that you’ll need for the project. Since it’s a bulletin board with shutters, first you’ll have to find some shutters. Then you’ll need a yard of fabric, 12 feet of 1 x 1.5 inch wood, 4 wood screws, 4 drywall screws, 2 keyhole fasteners, 8 small washers, 4 hinges, 2 cabinet door catches, primer, paint, 2 small drawer pulls, wood filler, furniture nails, homasote board, a staple gun and staples, a drill, a corner clamp, miter box, sand paper, fabric scissors, a screwdriver, tape measure and a pencil.

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It seems like a very long list but most of these things are easy to find. Not let’s see the steps you need to take in order to create thins bulletin board. First measure the shutters. This way you’ll know how big the frame needs to be. Then measure the wood and cut the pieces for the frame. Lightly sand each piece and use a corner clamp to hold each corner in place while assembling the frame. Use screws to keep the pieces in places. Then use wood filler for the holes.

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Then cut the board according to the dimensions you have previously determined. Cut the fabric as well but make sure it’s larger than the board. Cover the board with the fabric and staple it to the back. Now apply the primer and the paint to the frame and the shutters. You can use a paint brush but spray paint would be better. After the paint is dry, introduce the board and press it back. Use keyhole fasteners for the top corners. Then use two hinges for each shutter and attach them to the frame. At the end attach the drawer pulls and hang the bulletin board on the wall.The full project on craftynest.