DIY blue ombre fades color chair

Once very popular, this trend has become a timeless detail. So let’s see how we can incorporate it in our everyday lives. Today we’ll show you how to make an ombre chair with shades of blue. First let’s see which are the materials you’ll need for this project. Well, obviously, a wooden chair. You’ll also need steel wool, a drop cloth, gloves, a mask and goggles, spray paint primer and three colors of spray paint. In this case these colors are gloss white, blue and navy blue.

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Start by sanding the chair with the steel wool. Make sure you wear gloves for this. This step is necessary in order to allow the paint to stick better. After you’re finishes with that, start priming the chair in thin and even coats. You’ll need the mask and goggles for that. Make sure you apply the primer to the entire surface of the chair. Flip it over and apply the primer underneath as well. Wait until it’s dry and start applying the colors. First decide on the design you want to create. In this case, the chair was split in thirds and each color covers one part.

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Take one of the colors, in this case white, and start applying the white paint past the limit you have selected. Apply 3 or 4 coats of white paint. When you’re done with that, move on to the next color. First paint the middle section in blue and apply thin coats back and forth. The fade will appear naturally. Spray the spindles as well, in little spurts. You can flip the chair and paint the bottom as well before continuing with the third color. After you’re done with the blue, apply the same technique for the third color. Let it dry and it’s ready to use. You can choose any color combination you want and you can also apply more than three colors.{found on designsponge and showed on diviniminimalist}.