DIY: Art Pieces for the Home

Simply by adding a piece of art, you can transform any room in your house. Art adds style and flair to any space, adding that something special and either creating a focal point in the room, or as the perfect finishing touch in your design. Many people have the misconception that artwork means big bucks, which is not at all the case. No one said you need a Picasso hanging in your living room to get the desired effect. In fact, you can become the artist yourself and create the perfect art pieces for your home.


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One of the quickest and easiest ways to add artwork to your home is with photography. Don’t worry about having professional training in the photography field, because all you need is some creativity and a basic digital camera. Take some pictures of flowers in your garden, your daughter’s feet in the water at the lake, the sky on a cloudy day, or whatever else you want.

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The great thing about photography is that it is really so easy to do, and you can edit any image to get it looking just how you want. Turn a photograph black and white, boost the color for a more dramatic look, or crop the picture to create a more abstract look.

Odds and Ends.

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Even just by using random odds and ends from around the house, you can create a lovely piece of artwork. Take a few cans that would have otherwise ended up in the recycling bin, take the wrapping off and glue them together. Put some fresh flowers inside and mount the piece onto the wall for a modern, hip look.


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Press a dried flower in between two panes of glass and hang it on the wall for a subtle, sweet touch of nature. Use some watercolor paints to whip up an abstract piece of art, incorporating sunflowers, rainbows, or birds to bring the feel of nature inside. You can even take a piece of floral or damask wallpaper, frame it, and use that as a quick, simple art piece that really makes a statement.


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If you’re more of a food coneisseur, stick with this for your DIY art piece endeavor. Frame a postcard with a couple of wine glasses or even a menu from one of your favorite fancy restaurants. Or try out some food ornamentation, a very popular decorating idea seen in many homes as of late. Insert some small tea candles into cabbage heads and mount them on the wall, or cut out the insides of some avocados, dip them in paint and stamp over a piece of paper in different colors for a fun, fruity piece.

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DIY projects are always lots of fun, and these art projects not only save you a ton of money, but also help to personalize your home more. You have beautiful art pieces hanging on your walls that give you a great sense of pride, and a fun story behind them to tell guests when you are entertaining. Use your creativity, express yourself, and most of all, have fun with it.{picture sources:1,2,3,4,5 and 6}.