DIY A Pinboard For Your Workspace

A pinboard looks very nice in your workspace or in your office. You can add different things that you would like to do in the days to come or you could just decorate it as you wish. In the next project which comes from Fellow Fellow, Claire will teach you how to make a pinboard in some quick easy steps. First of all you will have to assure that you have everything you need to start the pinboard project. You will need: thick sheet of cork, paper or newspaper, scissors, pins, pen or pencil, knife, ruler, paint brush, bright paint.

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First of all you have to draw your pinboard form on a paper. You can use any type of design you want. Then you have to cut the exact form that you drew on the paper. Then you will want to draw, with the help of the paper pattern, on to the cork. You will now use your knife to cut around the cork so it will look like the initial drawing on the paper (this is the hardest part so be careful).

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The last step is to paint the edges with any color that you like. Attention! Let the paint dry before you put the pinboard on the wall. After this you can play with the pinball and draw on it different things. You will now have to find a spot where the pinboard will fit and go ahead and fill your pinboard with stuff. Good job!