DIY A-frame tent

There’s something about a tent that makes it very appealing. It’s very fun to sit in a tent, read a book or simply relax. It’s even more fun for the kids that love new experiences and enjoy having privacy. It’s why we’re sure they would love to have an A-frame tent in their room. It doesn’t have to be big. Just big enough for your kid to have enough space to sit comfortable, maybe play or take a nap.

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First you should make a frame. If you already have one then it gets easier from here on. Measure 6’’ down each molding and make a mark with a pencil. Drill a hole in that spot and center the hole on the molding. Then, on the opposite end of the molding, measure and mark 1.5’’ down and drill a hole and center it. Now that you have the frame, it’s time to make the cover. You can any type of material you want but, since it’s a tent for the indoors, it would be better to use something that lets air circulate through.

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This particular cover was made from a vintage crocheted cloth. You might need a fabric panel or, if your fabric is large enough, you can fold the bottom of the cover to create a panel for the dowel. You could also use a twin-sized sheet. Put a cozy blanket underneath the tent and add a pillow and you have a great play area for your kid.{found on abeautifulmess}.