Welcome Spring With A Fresh and Colorful DIY Wreath

Wreaths offer us the perfect way to dress up out homes for a special event like the coming of spring which is definitely something to be excited about. The wreath you’ll be crafting to celebrate this can take many forms so check out all the following designs and pick the one that you like best.

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Crafting this chic wreath is really simple despite its look. You’ll need a grapevine wreath or just about any old wreath you can find, some twine or ribbon, blue, fabric flowers, a page from an old book and a paper cutter or scissors. Cut the book page into sections shaped like this and glue a butterfly on each piece. Glue the paper flower to the wreath and make a small garland using twine and the butterfly pieces.

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For the elegant wreath featured on savedbylovecreations you’ll need a foam wreath form, some fake greenery, fabric scraps, felt flowers, a hot glue gun, a small piece of poster board and two pipe cleaners. Wrap the fabric scraps around the wreath and create a layout you like. Then hot glue each piece in place. Then glue the flowers to a piece of poster board cut to follow the shape of the wreath and then glue the pipe clears to the back so you can tie them around the wreath.

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Another colorful design can be found on dwellbeautiful. To make a wreath that looks similar to this one you’ll need an embroidery hoop, faux moss and faux flowers, wire cutters, a hot glue gun and ribbon. Glue bits of faux moss to the hoop until you’re happy with how it looks. Then cut the flowers from their stems and glue them on top of the moss. Hang the wreath on the door with ribbon.

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You can also welcome spring with a less colorful wreath. There are plenty of other ways to get the right look. For example, use a grapevine wreath and decorate it with faux flowers and burlap ribbon. If you can find wildflowers that would be perfect. Tie them in bundles and secure them to the wreath with floral tape. Then make a large burlap bow and place it where the stems meet. {found on thehappierhomemaker}

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What’s fun about crafting a spring wreath is that you can decorate with anything you want, anything that reminds you of this beautiful season. For example, maybe you could add a small bird’s nest with some cute little eggs in it as well as some spring flowers that you love. Check out thisdesignjournal for more inspiration for this project.

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The wreath featured on craftsbycourtney is quite versatile and not only great as a spring project. That’s because the wreath is decorated with cupcake liners and you can choose to use different types of liners of different colors depending on the look you want to offer your wreath.

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Similarly, the pom-pom wreath described on sisterssuitcaseblog can be used as a decoration for a lot of different occasions. To give it a themed look you just have to add a few specific decorations. Perhaps some cute Easter bunnies would work in this case or maybe some other symbols. You can make the pom-poms yourself using yarn in assorted colors.

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Play with contrasts and use the right colors if you want your wreath to really stand out. Check out this gorgeous wreath featured on artcrackers. Isn’t the combination of dark brown and all those shades of violet charming? To make a wreath that looks like this you’ll need a twig wreath, fabric flowers in coordinating colors, a hot glue gun and some accent pieces such as butterflies, birds or beads.

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If simplicity is what you look for, then forget about the conventional wreaths and all those decorating techniques and try something different and unusual. For example, use this wreath we found on blitsy as an inspiration source. The flowers were made of wooden spoons which is quite interesting and fun.