Divo Side Table from Minotti

I think that the old fashion large dining tables are dead and buried. We no longer need them except maybe once or three times a year when we get together with all family members for Christmas or Easter dinner. Otherwise we only need a small useful table to place the coffee cup on and the magazines or maybe the vase of flowers or some other small items we might need. As I keep saying, space is important nowadays so why don’t we have more of it and less furniture for a more comfortable and spacious home? Divo side table is the perfect illustration of my words, as it is both modern and small, decorative and functional.

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It is designed by Rodolfo Doldoni and is manufactured by Minotti. What I like most about it is the original design. It is made of big black-nickel finished discs that were laser cut and after that welded in an original manner, looking like a chain from the side.

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The table top is also a disc and so is the support. It looks really modern and original and it is pretty solid despite the first impression.It is not for sale in the online stores, but you can consult the manufacturer’s list of stores and find the one closest to you.