Divider & Conquer Those Bathroom Drawers

Organization is key to a functional, neat & tidy bathroom. The problem is, it’s so easy to throw this and that into every drawer until they’re filled without any rhyme or reason. But there are so many simple ways to clear it out and fix it up. Find your hair ties, toothpaste and lotion that much easier with all these ways to divide and conquer. We’ve compiled just a few drawer organizers you can use to tidy up your drawers and get a little organization going in the bathroom!

1. Drawer dividers are the best option.

Bathroom Drawers

Drawer dividers are perfect for organization, especially for all those things you have piled up in bathroom. Separate, categorize and organize everything you  need for your daily routine. You can find these dividers in all different sizes, shapes and colors (including woods and plastics). Then, empty out your drawers, throw away the excess and  put it all in order!{found on marthastewart}.

2. Jars in the drawer work too.


If you find jars small enough to fit inside, then you’ve got an instantly super adorable way to separate your cotton balls, makeup wedges and q-tips! It’s just a little more fun than using drawer dividers, but you can also combine them together. These little cuties keep things separated a little better than the dividers too!

3. Sliding trays are slick and chic.

Bathroom Drawers1

Try to keep the bending and reaching to a minimum. Install some sliding trays into the bottom cabinets or drawers to get to the bigger items easier. No longer try to blindly find that extra towel or blow dryer hidden behind the pipes.

4. Silicone separators are super!


Silicone separators are adorable and functional. You can get them in so many shapes, sizes and colors to match any theme you’d like. They’re also very versatile and waterproof!

5. Muffin tins work too!

Bathroom organization

If you want something a little funky, try a muffin tin (of any size). It’s a little surprise, it’s an upcycle and it fits in a drawer!

6. Utilize any extra storage.

Under sink

Use bottoms and use extras! If you’ve got the extra drawers, use them to keep each drawer to a certain category. For example, have a makeup drawer, towel drawer, first aid drawer, etc.

7. Wallpaper adds style.

Bathroom organization1

If you want to jazz the drawers up a little, add some wallpaper, scrapbook paper or any other extra lining you may have lying around. This will just give the drawers a little extra pop instead of leaving them barren.