Diverse residential designs from architect Ian MacDonald

Ian MacDonald is a talented architect with a firm based in Toronto. He is very appreciated for his inspiring creations and his ability to design such a diverse range of homes, varying in terms of design from contemporary to rustic and traditional. The architect has won several awards for his designs, including three Governor General’s medals and six Canadian Architect Awards of Excellence.

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The architect prefers modern and contemporary homes because it’s a domain where he can be creative and inventive. He likes to innovate and to make each house unique and perfectly adapted to the site and the surroundings. One of the most interesting designs can be seen in Caledon, Ontario, where the architect built an oddly-shaped residence with a contemporary design and a grass-covered roof that helps it naturally integrate into the landscape.

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When designing a house, Ian always tries to figure out the best way to position it in order to allow the clients to enjoy the most beautiful views that they can get on that site. As for the interior, he always goes for something simple and functional. The interior décor, regardless of the style the client choses for the house, will be well-organized and space-efficient. These pictures show the architect’s versatility when it comes to styles and influences and his ability to adapt to some of the most various types of landscape and locations.