Diva chair by Matthias Demacker

People have used beds for ever, even if they weren’t always in the form that we know nowadays – as they were beds of hay, fallen leaves, wool and many other materials. But chairs are a lot younger, as they have appeared later, once the human brain has developed a lot and once the human position started being perfectly vertical. Even now chairs are only used by people, as none of the animals can use them, so we can say it is something for the clever persons.

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Well, if you watch the technological world that surrounds us and the huge skyscrapers built only for offices, you will realize that we live more than half of our lives at the office and we need something to say that. We need a statement of our position and power and the fact that, we, women, are as good as men and even better. And Diva chair designed by Matthias Demacker is the perfect statement. The chair is incredibly red and comfortable, elegant, but also useful. You can use these words very rarely in the same sentence, when describing a thing, but this Diva chair is very classy and beautiful.

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This chair does not have a back rest, but it looks very feminine and also has a part that is lower than the rest , backed up by a taller one which can be used with this function. But the simplicity and the style really impressed me, even if I am talking about a chair, not a diamond here.

The most unusual and unique feature of this chair is the shape like a comma, but the longer part is actually a footrest. Use it when you are tired or work on your laptop or anything else, but you will love it after ten hours of work in your office.