Discovery coffee table from Urban Barn

Modern homes tend to be less and less usual and the people living in them want to make them unique by purchasing personalized furniture and very rare or unusual items. Glass coffee tables seem to be really “cool” these days, even if they are a bit more difficult to maintain clean, especially if you have a kid or two around. Well, speaking of kids, it is a bit worrying whether to buy or not such a glass coffee table when you have small children, as you will constantly need to be around them and supervise them for fear they could break the table and cut themselves into it. However, these coffee tables are – most of them actually – made of tampered glass which offers a bit more protection. And even if it breaks (because glass tables will break eventually), they small pieces will not cut the skin nor the flesh.


This nice looking wavy glass coffee table is designed by those from Urban Barn and can be bought for $499. If you think that glass tables might scratch your wooden floor, you should stay relaxed because this one has some transparent protections on the feet , so it’s perfectly safe for your home.

I love this coffee table because it is unusual and wavy and makes you think it looks more like a work of art. Ot you could be so realistic and pragmatic so as to think the wave form is actually designed to deposit newspapers and magazines. Either way, it looks very nice and it will bring a modern touch in each home.