Discarded old pieces of furniture reinvented by Nina Tolstrup

As a designer, it’s always exciting to create new things, things that nobody else has tackled before. It’s fun to come up with something new and to create pieces from scratch. But it can be just as rewarding to re-create something. We’re talking about certain furniture collections that focus on re-imagining furniture that’s already been designed.One such collection was created by Nina Tolstrup.

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The designer basically takes already existing furniture that’s been discarded and that is old and no longer used and re-imagines it, reinvents it. It’s a project that focuses on our attitude towards waste and all the resources that can be salvaged and repurposed or reused. The designer sees potential where everyone else sees nothing but waste. It’s an interesting concept that not only impresses with the boldness of the recreated pieces of furniture but that also educates us and shows us that lots of treasures can be found where you least expect them to be.

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The project is called Re-Imagine. It inspires and teaches people to see beyond appearances. It’s a sustainable movement that involves the designers and the society. Local craftsmen are working to find resources and to re-imagine pieces that surround us every day. By doing that, the resulting pieces of furniture have strong personalities and the visual impact is quite strong as well.