Dipped in Peach: Monochromatic Rooms

Decorating with peach is an easy task. It’s versatile and fresh. It can revive and transform. But, that doesn’t mean it’s used all the time as it’s such an underrated color! But not today! Today we’re spotlighting a color that exudes light and simple comforts. Let’s get inspired!

1. Alive, Sunny.

Peach moroccan style living room

There’s something about this room that evokes a sense of sunny weather and paradise. Dip your living room in a beautiful peach tone for an alive, fresh vibe.

2. Traditional, Homey.

Living room in peach and navy tones

This space just looks so cozy and comfortable, which is such a great way to decorate the house for a family. But that doesn’t mean you can’t be stylish too!

3. Feminine, Fun.

Peach living room

Super peachy is the way of this room. It’s girly, it’s charming and it’s so much fun to look at! We love all the feminine nuances and accessories making this peach pop. This color has a personality all its own.

4. Hip, Contemporary.

Peach kitchen Decor

Covered in a subdued peach, this kitchen is classy, yes, but also quite hip. With its contemporary style and complimentary gray, it’s making us swoon!


Peachy pink moroccan living room

It’s like this space was created with World Market style in mind, don’t you think? The peach makes for such a reviving, organic foundation. It’s such a playful color to work with and experiment with.

6.Victorian, Grandiose.

Victorian glosy peachy living room

Peach is an easy color to go the Victorian route with as it looks so great with a gold accent. It’s also got a naturally vintage-inspired finish!

7.Western, Modern.

Contemporary peachy living room

This modern living room is quite smooth with a western flair. The furniture has a modern look and the color makes it an outstanding bit of inspiration. It’s almost like a vacation home’s style!

8. Pure, Clear.

Peach babby girl nursery

Nix the bubblegum pink and dip your little one’s nursery is light peach. It’s more subtle, it’s timeless and it has such a pure, clear sense of style. It’s beautiful, don’t you think?

9. Inviting, Warm.

Peach hallway design

Even the foyers and hallways can be doused and a warm and inviting peach tone. We love how this color an envelope a room without becoming kitschy or harsh on the eyes. It’ll also make your smaller spaces look larger!

10. Natural, Organic.

Dining room peach monochromatic

Beach inspired, this dining room has such a natural, beautiful style. With some coral accents and a coverage of a sandy peach color, you’ll have a dining room that you will never get tired of seeing and entertaining in.