Dipped in Chocolate: Monochromatic Rooms

Smooth and dreamy, chocolate brown works just like a stark black in the world of interior design, but it’s much softer and more versatile in the realm of style genres. From the bedroom to the living room, you can use a creamy, chocolatey shade to create a dark and dramatic look that still has a touchable essence. Take a look at some of the stylish, monochromatic rooms we found dipped in chocolate!

1. Conservative, Subtle.

Chocolate bedroom

We love this slick and dreamy master bedroom. It’s conservative enough for those that don’t love a lot of fuss and mess. It’s subtle enough to have a relaxing, feminine touch. But it’s also stylish enough to create a splash.

2. Eclectic, Accented.

Eclectic chocolate living room

You can find a lot of funky, eclectic pieces covered in rich, dark chocolate tones. So why not put them all together and create a room that’s not only touchable and welcoming, but full of trendy style?

3. Sophisticated, Masculine.

Cool Wall Murals for Masculine Living Room

If you’re a man with a bit more of a traditional edge and need to spruce up the home office, you can never go wrong with bouts of chocolate brown. It’s sophisticated, it’s masculine and easy to accent and find pieces that work.

4. Modern, Chic.

Brown leather tufted seating

As a big fan of modern, contemporary lines, this space truly showcases how precise and trendy that style can be. But, without the stark contrast of blacks, whites and silvers, the chocolate gives a more tangible, welcoming vibe.

5. Rustic, Cabin-Feel.

Brown living room details decor with natural theme

Chocolate brown can also help to create a rustic, country or even a cabin-esque vibe. It’s earthy of course, so it’ll be easy to accent with more natural, organic materials that are a bit more relaxed.

6. Parisian, Posh.

Chocolate powder toilet

A guest bathroom dipped in chocolate is sure to go over well for any company you may have. It can easily give off a luxurious posh appeal. And you can add small bits of Paris for an even more upbeat flavor.

7. Futuristic, Clean.

Chocolate bedroom floating

You may not think of chocolate brown right off the bat when you think of futuristic style and fashion-forward thinking but after taking a look at this space, you’ll certainly think otherwise.

8. Feminine, Whimsy.

Chocolate wallpaper tufted stool

Create a girlish little nook in the bedroom complete with a vanity and great mirror. Cover it with a soft, creamy brown in the chocolate family for a dramatic finish. Even something bold can have a whimsy touch.