Dinoz Project from At Once

My son loves dinosaurs. He loves them as toys and he wants them on the T-shirts and blouses. So when I found this new and totally unusual project on the web site of the guys from At Once I immediately thought I would make him a huge surprise with it. This is an ecological project that takes a normal rubber dinosaur and turns it into a very nice flower pot. Actually it is just a rubber dinosaur with the back split, so you must place some grass seeds in there, add a bit of flower soil and spray it daily until you get to see a beautiful grass crest coming out. This way your dinosaur will have nice back spikes and be totally eco.

37 1 dinoz v2

You can even choose to grow some herbs you can use in the kitchen for cooking like fresh parsley in the middle of winter or any other kind of plants that grow easily and need little space and care. But the general idea of the project is to have a green plant at home in a funny shaped pot instead of having just plastic toys. This way the kids will have a nice example and will learn how to value nature and have fun, too. If you like what you see and want to find out more about this you can visit the designer’s web site or maybe buy a dinoz pot for £12.65.