Dining Table Lighting, A Crucial Complementary Feature In Any Home

Whether you have a large dining table, an extendable one or whether you simply use the kitchen island as a table, the size is irrelevant. But there’s one element that can’t be overlooked, regardless of the style, size or shape of the dining table. That element is the lighting. It’s the detail that can completely transform the atmosphere and that changes everything.

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In the case of a long dining table, one possibility would be to consider using two pendant lights with identical designs. This way you maintain the coherence and symmetry of the décor and you get to solve several problems at the same time. This dining room, for example, has a contemporary design and the pendant lights also add style to the décor.

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This is another example of a contemporary dining room. It too has a relatively large table, even though not as long as the presented earlier. In the case of this space, a single lighting fixture was used above the dining table. It is, however, a sleek chandelier with an elongated shape that integrates very nicely into the décor.

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For a more cozy décor, the dining table can be paired with both chars and benches. In this case, the sitting nook is a very charming detail. The wooden table further adds warmth and texture to the décor and the three charming pendant lights complement the décor beautifully with their simplicity and transparence.

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A modern dining area such as this one, that has imposing armchairs with high backrests and simple but elegant shapes, requires lighting fixtures that would continue on the same line. These matching chandelier are perfect because they have a simple shape and yet they are elegant and imposing with their size.

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This traditional open floor plan contains a simple and charming kitchen with a small round dining table. It’s a casual décor with simple, sober lines and a very nice balance of warmth and sobriety. The lighting fixtures produce very nice diffuse and warm light and the pendant light above the kitchen island and the chandelier above the dining table share similar features, thus contributing to a symmetrical and cohesive décor.

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