Digitally-printed floral lampshades in Nasturtium

Lampshades are elements that are usually used to bring color and texture into a décor. They have similar functions to those of a pillow. Lamps and lampshades are both functional and charming when used as decorative elements. As for the patterns and prints used in these cases, they vary. Floral prints are very common not only because of their feminine touch but only because they always have bright and bold colors and this can really spice up the atmosphere.

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These colorful lampshades are made from Nasturtium, a new type of fabric designed exclusively for Winter’s Moon. It’s a creation of Brie Harrison and it was sued to make these lovely lampshades. They come in two different sizes and their price also varies from £48.00 to £66.00. Nasturtium is a fabric made from a linen mix and it’s printed in the UK. Given the fact that it’s digitally printed, some small marks typical to this process are visible but they are not considered imperfections but rather a detail impossible to avoid.

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These colorful lampshades are available in two versions: as a pendant shade or as a floor or table lampshade. They are also available in two sizes, large and small. The large version measures 45cm in diameter & 25cm high while the dimensions for the small model are 30cm in diameter & 22 cm high. Larger versions are also available but they are made to order and delivery takes three weeks. The floral pattern of the lampshades is colorful and bold and color contrast is strong but beautiful and delicate at the same time.