Digital Wallpaper by Strukt

The Büro Hirsberger event agency with the headquarter in Vienna has created what is called “digital wallpaper”, a kind of installation where colors and images are moving on the walls. The idea was to illuminate the walls in coordinating multiple projections of colored light, through a program generator designed by the team. A showcase that draws the eye to discover in the demo now!

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It’s not a wallpaper per se. It’s probably based on the same principles: to decorate the walls and to refresh the décor. It’s

the modern version of the wallpaper. There are several differences, one of them being that, unlike the traditional wallpaper, this one is more difficult to replace. So one you’ve decided to include it in your interior design, you’re going to have to enjoy it for many years to come.

But it’s not like this is a disadvantage, because you’ll probably have no intention of replacing it anyway. It’s a creative and interesting way of decorating the walls. The effect is surprising. And there are a lot of options, in terms of colors and images. It’s a very dynamic creation. Your home will have a completely different look one you incorporate the digital wallpaper into the design. So have some fun and take the wall decorating to another level. You’ll instantly have a more modern and fun home.