Different ways in which you can use LED lights in your home

LEDs or light-emitting diodes were first produced in 1968 and are semiconductor light sources. They are commonly used as indicator lamps in many devices but are also increasingly used for other purposes as well. Around the house, LED lights can be used as accent details for cove lighting or for highlighting a certain décor or architecture feature.

Kitchen backsplash lightwall-mounted TV on a highlighted combo of panels

LEDs present several advantages. For example, they are very efficient as they emit more light per watt than incandescent light bulbs. Also, the efficiency of LED light fixtures is not affected by shape and size. LEDs can also emit light of a certain color without using color filters. They can be very small and can be easily attached to printed circuit boards. They also light up very quickly and are ideal for frequent on/off cycling. Another great advantage is the fact that LEDs are difficult to damage with external shock.

Kitchen backsplash lightrooftop garden featuring very bright LED lighting
Kitchen backsplash lightbathroom floating cabinet featuring subtle LED lighting under the sink cabinet
Kitchen backsplash light
Contemporary kitchen with LED accent lighting under the island/bar
Kitchen backsplash light
Modern home exterior with LED-lit pathway and a beautiful terrace
Kitchen backsplash light
Contemporary kitchen featuring bright LED accent lighting throughout
Kitchen backsplash light
Contemporary powder room with a stylish mirror lit with LEDs from behind
Kitchen backsplash light
Kitchen featuring LED illuminated backsplash with rice paper leaves

These are just a few reasons why LED light fixtures are so great for accent lighting. They can be used to highlight a certain area such as the space underneath o above the cabinets, bats, sofas, tables, etc. they can also be used for cove lighting and can create a very interesting effect, especially at night. You can use LED lights to highlight the shape of a certain accent piece such as a mirror or a painting and you can also use them outside for the pathway.

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