Different Types of Mattresses

A mattress is a pad or mat which is placed above the bed, upon while you sleep. A mattress which is not comfortable could spoil your sleep and cause tiredness for you. There are various types of mattresses available like Foam mattresses, Innerspring mattresses, latex mattresses, visco-elastic mattresses, water beds, air mattresses etc.

Cozy bedroom with beautiful bedding

Innerspring Mattresses.

These types of mattresses have a strong support structure which is made using coils and shape is retained using border wire. The perimeters of the coils are connected to a wire which surrounds the mattress. At the edges, special springs are used for better support and top layer of mattress has insulation or tough padding for separation from the springs present below it.  There could be around 300 to 800 coils inside the mattress which depends usually on its size.

The Air mattresses have flexibility for adjusting the level of comfort by altering the firmness. There are air mattresses with dividers so that air levels in both sides could be adjusted. They are portable and especially used for outdoor trips, camping and also in hospitals for patient beds.

Foam Mattresses.

Cozy bedroom with beautiful bedding

These mattresses were manufactured initially for NASA astronauts during 1970, to relieve them from pressure due to gravitational force exerted during the time of takeoff of spaceships. They can get compressed when pressure is applied and return back to normal stage once pressure is removed. They could be made of different materials such latex, polyurethane or visco-elastic materials.

Visco-elastic mattresses.

Cozy bedroom with beautiful bedding

The visco-elastic mattresses are generally expensive and are also called as memory foam mattresses. They provide great durability and react to over heat and soften to mould around your body giving you a pleasant and comfortable sleeping experience.

Latex Matresses.

Cozy bedroom with beautiful bedding
Latex mattresses are usually manufactured with finest polymer and they can mould according to your body shape and ensure great durability. Also, they are breathable and prevent your body from getting overheated during night. They are usually recommended for allergic patients and people having asthma since they are hypoallergenic and can prevent dust particles.

The water beds are not as famous as other mattress types as there is a risk of water leakage and they are expensive.